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One of the many reasons that lead me to start my own business was watching the confusion and stress around the Medicaid process. Over the last 20 years, I have helped countless families get ready for the Medicaid application process. The thing that was always consistent in these families was just how misinformed they were,  not only about the Medicaid guidelines, but understanding their rights. I watched many of these families hire attorneys because they did not understand the process and did not know there was anywhere else to turn. Upon learning the high fees that these lawyers were charging these families, it shocked me, and I knew there was another better way. It was then that I decided to offer my services at a much lower rate assuring that everyone could afford to get the right services and information. 

I’m a believer of being fair. We all need guidance in our lives at one point or another, so I've always wanted to be compassionate in times of need. I always want to be the light at the end of the road with that door that will open to new hope for people in their time of need. 

What we do


Our Specialities include:

  • Nursing Home Applications
  • Community Medicaid
  • Medicaid Recertification
  • Pool Income Trust
  • Referral Services

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Phyllis L.

"Without Desiree's help with financial recommendations for three relatives, we would not have been able to provide them the best possible outcomes. She knows all aspects of billing and Medicaid guidelines very well, is a great communicator making necessary steps to be taken very clear. I highly recommend her."

Mark G.

"I met Desiree when my mother became a resident at Sarah Neuman Nursing Home. Desiree took a personal interest in helping me with all the administrative challenges to get my Mom's Medicaid application complete. Desiree is a caring professional."

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Email:  Desiree@laramedicaidadvisors.com 

Lara Medicaid Advisors

73 Market Street, Ridge Hill Suite #376, Yonkers, New York 10710, United States

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